Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 20008

Well Christmas this year was pretty awesome! It was Max's second Christmas and so much more fun! He finally got the hang of opening the gifts by himself, but the minute he opened one that was a toy he wanted you to stop and put it together right then and there. He got so many things! He got tons of clothes and shoes and way to many toys! His favorite toys are his car and his new train set! He also loves books, especially ones with cars and trucks. He is such a boy! He is growing so fast, it seems like everyday he has a new word, so I really have to watch what I say. He is so smart, he knows how to say all the letters of the alphabet and he knows what each letter looks like, now we are working on singing them in order! Ill post some video soon. It seemed like the holidays just flew by! I actually baked a bunch of cookies and pies this year, I was so proud of myself! A new year has begun and I have so many things to look forward too, keep reading and you'll find out! 

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