Monday, February 9, 2009

Boo Boos, Boo Boos and more Boo Boos

Well yesterday Max was Mr. Clumsy! He fell 3 times and got 3 different Boo Boos. It all started when we were playing outside and he trip and fell on the concrete and scraped his chin! That was a big ouch....Then he was playing inside with his cars and he fell and hit his cheek on his car and scraped the side of his face. Then right before bed time he was looking under my bed for the dog and he hit his head on the bottom side of the bed. Man, what a day for us! I was so worried..Sometimes I think its more stressful as a mom than it was for him. I kept checking on him last night to make sure he was ok, and of course he was fine and slept all night long with out a peep! The froggie really has been a huge help, he has been going right down for bed and naps in his own bed with froggie like a big boy! I am so proud!  Well anyway, I am to my grandmas for the night, I have a really early Dr. Appt in Irving so its easier to stay there, have a good night!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well Max has a new best friend and his name is Froggie! Last night Nick, Max and I went to Wal-Mart and Max spotted this huge basket of Valentines stuffed animals and wanted this huge green frog. So we ended up letting him have it, but he grabbed onto him and cuddled him all the way through the store and was hugging and giving him kisses! IT was so cute. So we then got home put all the groceries and things away, got Max bathed and all ready for bed. He then grabbed his froggie and got in his bed, cuddled right up to him and went right to sleep! Wow! For those of you that know our routine we usually have to rock Max get him really sleepy then put him down. But with Froggie he just climbed right in and went right to sleep all his own! I was really amazed when he proceeded to do the same thing tonight. It was so sweet and I am so relived that now maybe he will continue on this pattern. I just can't believe how fast and quickly he is growing. Its amazing all the new words he says and repeats everyday. I really have had to watch what I have been saying...LOL! Well I have attached a pic of Max and his new buddy. Enjoy!!