Thursday, March 4, 2010

Max is going to be a big Brother!

We are excited to announce that we are expecting Sughroue Tot #2 due late September! We are so excited and can't wait for this new chapter to begin in our lives. Max seems so excited! He and daddy both think its a girl, but I think its another boy. All we care about is having a happy healthy little baby. I am currently 10 weeks so that means I have 30 more to go! That seems like such a long time but I know it will fly by. I just want to thank god for blessing me with such a wonderful husband, son and new baby to be! We are truly blessed. I had my first OB appt last week and everything went great, we heard the babys fast heartbeat and say the little bean on the monitor, the doctor assured us everything looked great. I am excited for my next appt in 3 weeks, especially since it will be another sono appt. It really eases my mind to be able to see that little baby and hear its heart beat. The gift of life is truly beautiful. Pics to come soon! Thank you friends for all of your support and prayers, its going to be a busy year around here!