Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

Well our weekend was filled with fun! Friday night we just stayed home and I made tacos and we spend some family time together playing and reading to Max. Then Saturday afternoon the Taylors came over with their 2 boys and we talked and watched the boys play. Hayden is 2 1/2 and Carson is turning 1 next month. Max loves to play with them both, they are his best buddies! Then we grilled burgers and dogs and Dan and Brandy and Trent and Pati (our neighbors and good friends) came over and joined us. It was a fun time! Then Rachel and I got to have a girls night and went and watched Bride Wars! Oh my goodness, it was soooo cute! We went to studio movie grill and had a few drinks and a delicious dessert! The Taylors currently live in North Arlington so they just stayed the night that night. While Rachel and I were at the movies all the boys stayed here and played with their daddies! It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and have some "girlfriend" time. That movie is a must see for a girls night! Then we woke up on Sunday morning and went and had breakfast at our favorite little cafe....Joe's Coffee Shop! It was so yummy! I watched all 3 boys while Rachel and Ryan went house hunting with their realtor. They ended up putting a bid on a house out here in South Arlington and got it!! Even though they won't move in until June I am so excited that they will be just 10 minutes up the road, so now the boys will have even more play dates! Well Nick is out of town tonight and my brother came over to stay with us. We went and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse...Yummy! The weather is supposed to be pretty bad tonight and tomorrow so he is hoping he will not have to go into work tomorrow! I Hope so...I enjoy the company! I am so proud of my brother. He had the lap band surgery done 6 months ago and has lost an amazing 100 pounds! Well off here and onto bed now! Ill post more soon......I have included a pic of Max and his buddies! Enjoy. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Man how the time flies......

I really can't believe how fast the time goes...I mean it really just seemed like yesterday Max was a newborn, and man I thought he was alot to handle then...Wow, if I only knew then what I know now. LOL! He is going non stop now! He is in the climbing stage big time. We had to move our couch because he kept climbing on the top part and onto the bar...YIKES! An accident waiting to happen. He also has been climbing up on our dining room table chairs and onto the table. So Nick finally installed our gate where we can block him off and he can only be in his toy room area and I can actually cook and get things done without having to worry about him climbing up the table. He is definitely  starting those terrible 2 years, where everything is...NO! But even though we are going through this stage now, he is also a big helper! He loves to help mommy empty the dishwasher and load the laundry and fold and put it away, I don't know how I did it before without my little helper! He loves wearing hats, everytime he puts one on he says "Cool Dude"! He is really a sweet boy too, he says "Wuv Wu" and gives big hugs and kisses! He can say so many words now, even though some don't sound as clear as others he can pretty much try to say anything you ask him. My favorite thing he is doing right now is "SHEW SHEW" Every time he "toots" he looks at me and smiles and says "SHEW SHEW"...........hahahha! Its so cute! He is totally all boy! I'm not sure how exactly he picked that up but he did. I just can't believe how fast the time goes, he is growing up so fast! 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Max went Tee Tee!

Man I just can't believe how fast my little man is growing up. When people tell you that you think, ya whatever, but man its soooo true! It seems to just fly by! I swear I just had him yesterday and to think he is going to be 2 in a few months is just crazy!  Well we bought Max a little potty about a week ago and set it up and let him play around with it. The book I've been reading says to set it up in their play area and let them "get used to it" so thats what we did. We also decorated it with SpongeBob stickers and tried to get him familiar with it so he's not scared of it. We have been having him sit on it every night before bath time telling him what to do and showing him. Well guess what?? After about a week of doing that, he finally TEE TEED in it tonight!!!!! WE are sooo proud! I know its just the beginning but its so amazing how fast they really do learn! So we will keep practicing and hopefully after to long he will start telling us when he needs to go. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 20008

Well Christmas this year was pretty awesome! It was Max's second Christmas and so much more fun! He finally got the hang of opening the gifts by himself, but the minute he opened one that was a toy he wanted you to stop and put it together right then and there. He got so many things! He got tons of clothes and shoes and way to many toys! His favorite toys are his car and his new train set! He also loves books, especially ones with cars and trucks. He is such a boy! He is growing so fast, it seems like everyday he has a new word, so I really have to watch what I say. He is so smart, he knows how to say all the letters of the alphabet and he knows what each letter looks like, now we are working on singing them in order! Ill post some video soon. It seemed like the holidays just flew by! I actually baked a bunch of cookies and pies this year, I was so proud of myself! A new year has begun and I have so many things to look forward too, keep reading and you'll find out! 

I finally joined!

Well I finally took the time to create this account and profile and joined the blogging world! I have a myspace and facebook and update those pages all the time. I have been meaning to sign up for a while now and I finally broke down and did it!