Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Choo Choo Ride

Well this past Sunday Max went on his first Train ride! Nick's parents had some tickets to ride the train from Alliance Area to Gainesville and then back. They only had 4 tickets at the time so Nick, his mom and dad and Max all went. I was sad I missed it, but he had such a blast! I decided to go visit my parents for the day, and while it was nice to get away for a few hours, I still was really sad I missed it. Max LOVED it. He loves trains! He did so well considering he was on it for 2.5 hours. They handed out little conductor hats and goldfish and rice krispies and fruit roll ups. Needless to say, both my boys were in heaven!

In this pic Nick was talking to me and Max was saying "mommy right there" pointing to the phone. So cute!