Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's Almost 2!

really can't believe how fast the time goes. Everyone tells you that and you just think ya, sure, ok, whatever, but really it does fly by. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with him, and now he's going to be turning next month! I have started trying to think of ideas for his birthday party and get things planned but Im having a tough time making a decision on a theme. He loves Cars and Trucks and Tractors right now, so I'm thinking I may go with a Truck Theme. We are thinking of renting a big bounce house for him and his friends, that should be fun! Its amazing how much he has learned in the past few weeks. It seems like I only tell him something once and he remembers it! Man how I wish my brained worked that way still, LOL! I forget things that happened yesterday. He knows all his letters and can point them out to you, he has learned some of his numbers 1-10. He says Thank you when you give him something, and he always says "I love you" although it sounds more like "Wuv Yu" its so sweet. He tries to repeat anything you tell him, somethings sound really good and others not so much. He calls our dog Wrinkles, "tenkles". He knows alot of his animal sounds and can recognize most of them. Im just so proud of him and what he has learned in the past 2 years. Well enough for now, gotta start doing some work. I have posted his newborn pic so you can see how much he's grown! I will post his 2 year old pics soon when we have them done. Enjoy!

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